Union Trilogy (White)

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Union Trilogy (White)

Union finally gave in to the demands of hard-charging ladies who wanted a binding that combines the bomb-proof durability and lightweight feel of the best-selling Men's Force binding with a chic look that doesn't hide their feminine sensibilities. The result is the Union Women's Trilogy Snowboard Binding, an all-mountain destroyer that kicks ass, takes names, and looks good while doing it (sort of like Jess Kimura, who just happens to ride this binding). Did we mention it's the lightest women's binding on the market? Yea, this thing rules.

The Trilogy II baseplate may be lightweight, but don't let that fool you into thinking it's just a delicate little flower—it's backed up with a lifetime warranty to show you it means business when it comes to durability. Get flex where you want it and support where you need it with the Multizone Trilogy highback. It's stiffer towards the bottom and more flexible at the top so you can tweak your tricks without sacrificing support or response.

The extruded anodized aluminum heelcup reduces weight while maintaining strength and stiffness, and it never loses it's shape no matter how much you abuse it. The 3D Direct-Connect ankle strap provides a secure and responsive fit without creating painful pressure points, and the Open Toe Strap is low-profile and cored-out to wrap around the front of your boot for a comfy and secure fit. It's finished off with magnesium buckles that are twice as light as aluminum, yet four times as strong.